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John Irwin works with rural and underserved communities to help them to build 21st century communities. He brings considerable expertise and experience from over 40+ years of diverse business experience. His in-depth background and analytical capabilities covers all aspects of business, public and not for profit organizations from concept origination to serving clientel. He is experienced and comfortable dealing with public speaking and conducting meetings in a variety of settings, including challenging and contentious situations. Find out more from a detailed resume (PDF, 108 Kb) and read through examples of work products HERE.

Focus on Rural Communities
The focus is on rural communities as he believes the strength and quality of American life begins and ends there. 
Mr. Irwin has considerable experience working with rural communities, including the need to invest sizeable amounts of 鮤shield?time driving between remote locations and the need to listen carefully. Sensitivity to the relative scarcity of funds for these types of planning efforts means that he goes to great lengths to leverage every dollar, often donating many hours of personal time to the effort at hand. He strongly believes in public service and continues to donate many hours of pro bono work to a number of entities throughout our rural regions. His reputation is that of being personable, a facilitator, a strategist, knowledgeable across many subjects, detail oriented, objective and operating with the highest sense of personal integrity.

He lives in a rural area of southern Oregon.  Clients are located in rural OR and CA.

Rates for services are VERY reasonable and generally below market.  He offers a professional and acknowledged valuable consulting service to rural communities and other entities that balances rates with a generous donation of in kind services.  

Working across so many rural communities provides the opportunity to witness some great scenes.  He captures these and offers them for your viewing enjoyment.  Permission to use a photo must be obtained in writing and the photographer must be acknowledged when presenting the photo. Click HERE for the Photography page.

Contact Information
Click HERE.


Revised: April 14, 2012

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